Great Hall
A grand entry foyer with double sweeping stairways providing access between the downstairs and upstairs rooms of Shelter in Place. A beautiful chandelier above the big space with enough glass windows to light up the whole room. Birds can be seen and heard outside the windows. A basketball hoop provides a gaming challenge.

Girl’s Room
A room that would thrill just about any little girl. Cutesy bright, full of cheerful touches, and almost tropical in its sunshiny intensity where a player can explore and play with bouncy balls, dolls, stuffed animals and books.

Boy’s Room
Bright blue themed room furnished with books, study area, bed and musical instruments. Players can play with different musical instruments such as drum set, guitar, xylophone and synthesizer box.

Adventure Room
The massive Adventure Room is all about climbing, ziplines and trampolines. Players can climb up, down or across the 120 foot climbing wall, with a timer to compete in speed climbing.  Climb or leap from a 90 foot tower onto giant trampolines.  Swing hand-over-hand up long cables or ride fast down multiple zip lines.

Living Room
The Living Room is complete with furnishings such as sofas, chairs, occasional table, coffee table, bookshelves, fireplace and other furniture. It’s not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as a showcase of the mansion. The fireplace is lit.  The DVD player works with a selection of DISCs.  The vases break. Cabinets can be explored.

Ping Pong Room
A game room where players can attempt to play Ping-Pong with an AI friend. The beta game takes a while to get used to but increases in enjoyment as Players become familiar with the system.  Play begins with the player serving the first ball.

Dining Room
Located right opposite to the Great Room, the Dining Room provides access to most of the downstairs rooms through side doors and the extended hallway. This space also includes a kitchen and lounge area with dining area, sofa, working TV, fireplace and other interactive objects. The hallway has an open space with partial view of outdoor nature such as trees and garden.

Archery Room
The Archery “Room” is a large outdoor Old West stockade made of logs.  The beautiful night scene is lit by burning torches.  Players can practice their skill using a bow to shoot arrows. Many stationary, moving and rotating targets are at various distances in all directions.

Toy Room
The highlight of the Toy Room is a building block vending machine.  Players can eject block after block to build creative structures or test the physics of their gaming PC as the room fills with interactive objects.  The room also includes a study area and bunk bed. Darts and a dart board challenge player with VR throwing skills but watch out for real world objects as you throw!

Graffiti Room
Twelve Spray Paint Cans and a large white blank canvas greet Players in the Graffiti Room.  Unleash your creativity making amazing street art.  Then capture a screenshot of your creation before you leave the room.

Master Bedroom
The main and the biggest bedroom in the house includes a fireplace and sitting area, with a forest view outside.  In addition to the usual interactive objects, this room includes some hidden surprises.

Shooting Range
In the large outdoor Shooting Range, players must fight off crocheted zombie sock puppets that swarm out of space-time portals, using a variety of six amazing weapons including laser cannons and photon torpedos.

A large walled outdoor Maze challenges the Player’s pathfinding skills. Each time you enter the Maze, it is reconfigured with a randomly generated floor plan and a new exit door location.

3D Painting Room
The 3D Painting “Room” is really an unbounded empty space where painters can roam and paint anywhere in space as they wish.  The pallet includes nine colors and a mixing circle that allows the unlimited creation of new colors.  The brushes allow painting with ordinary paint or painted light, the size of the tips can be adjusted.  The pallet knife allows you to “erase” paint strokes.

Store Room
Breakable dishes, stackable storage containers, and moveable floor lamps are some of the items in the Store Room.  Pick up, throw, break, repeat…Position the lamps as “bowling pins” and choose plates as “balls”.

Upstairs Hallway
The Upstairs Hallway connects to the balcony of the Great Hall and provides access to all the upstairs rooms.  This hallway also includes various interactive objects which users can pick up, juggle or throw.