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Shelter in Place VR FAQs:

Shelter in Place will launch initially on PC-tethered VR systems including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR.

Shelter in Place is a Sandbox Game: like a literally sandbox, there is no goal, backstory, or even a name. The only purpose is to have fun.

Any type of player can find something to enjoy in Shelter in Place. If you are just starting wit VR there is a lot to explore and try out. If you are more experienced there are more intense experiences such as the trampolines, painting rooms and shooting galleries.

Users can explore and play in different rooms, interacting with, throw and juggle objects, break vases, open drawers and cabinets. In addition there are “mini-game” rooms with climbing, shooting, archery, painting, music, and other activities.

There are 15 rooms and the upstairs hallway:

  • Great Hall
  • Dining Room
  • Adventure Room
  • Archery Room
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Reconfiguring Maze
  • Reconfiguring Maze
  • Ping Pong Room
  • Graffiti Room
  • 3D Paint Room
  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Girl’s Room
  • Boy’s Room (Music Room)
  • Block Room
  • Storage Room
  • Upstairs Hallways

Users can teleport longer distances or ‘walk’ forward using the joystick/touchpad.

Simply grab the doorknob and turn down. There will be a brief black screen as the next room loads. There is also a menu to directly enter most rooms. Exit through the doors or press and hold the exit button to exit rooms.

To take a screen shot you press X Button on Left Controller and Screen Shot will be saved to Drive.